Our Promise

Sustainable, Traceable and Ethically Sourced Pearls
All of our pearls are traceable to origin and sourced directly from our partner pearl farms. Each pearl is ethically sourced, in a manner that fosters both environmental and financial sustainability.

Authentic Color
All of our Black, White and Gold South Sea pearls are of totally natural, untreated color. Our Akoya pearls are processed in Japan, using techniques pioneered and perfected over a nearly 100 year history of Japanese pearliculture.

Detailed Craftsmanship
We are very proud of our artisans who combine old world techniques with the latest jewellery craftsmanship methods. Our black enamel elements are meticulously painted by hand, while our "Sterling" silver and solid gold pieces are carefully casted and polished into fine jewellery pieces.

Solid Gold and Silver
We always use solid 14kt (58.5%) gold or 92.5% Sterling quality silver. If the piece looks gold, it is solid gold. 

Precious Stones
If our items are set with diamonds, every stone is guaranteed to be a conflict free. We require that our suppliers rigorously adhere to the standards established by the Kimberley sourcing process.

Ultra Strength Hybrid Thread
All of our pearls strands are knotted using FUJIX™ thread from Japan, ensuring maximum strength and safety for everyday wear.